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Product Testing: how to get involved….

We’ve all been hit by an unforeseen expense or caught short whilst trying to get some extra cash together to pay for life’s little luxuries; a holiday, say, or a new car. Many people have turned to working online in order to earn a little extra cash to supplement their income, and one of the best online endeavours you can get involved in is becoming a product tester.

Product testing is easy, fun and potentially really lucrative for the tester. Working from home and testing new products can be seen both as a fun hobby to do after work or at the weekends and also a cracking sideline in making some extra money.

So, what does a Product Tester actually do?  Essentially, companies hire product testers to give feedback on new products that they are bringing to market. After the tester has given their review of the product, the company can use their feedback to improve the product or market it to their advantage. In terms of reimbursement, product testers can expect to be paid for their time whilst they review the product and are also allowed to keep the product they’re testing – amazing news if you’re a product junkie!

What products can I expect to be testing?  One of the most brilliant aspects to product testing is the fact that you have the power to pick and choose which products and companies you want to work with. There’s a huge array of companies who are really eager to employ the services of Product Testers so you’re guaranteed to find something you’re interested in – whether it’s makeup, electronics, homeware or even stationery. The more interested you are in a product, the better and more informed review you’ll be able to give so it’s important to choose products that you would potentially be interested in buying as a consumer.

Is product testing a job or a hobby? Or both?   Whether you decide just to dabble in product testing in your free time or invest some serious time and effort into it, it is entirely up to you. One of the benefits from working from home is the fact that you really are totally in control of how much testing you do and even what products you wish to test. You are absolutely under no obligation to test every product made by a particular company and should ensure that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself to write a set number of reviews. Many wannabe Product Testers start out just doing a low level of reviews as they start to get a feel for the procedure and work out what they’re interested in. Then you can undertake to branch out and do more reviews if you feel like it. You can also vary your workload – perhaps one week you don’t do any reviews because you’re on vacation but then for the next couple of weeks you have the time to do more.

It sounds great. How do I become a product tester?  It’s really easy to become a product tester – all you need to do is sign up to a Product Testing company who’ll screen you by email, using surveys to make sure of your suitability for their upcoming products. The criteria for acceptance will vary according to the product – age, gender, location and income are factors they take into account when making their decision. If and when you’re accepted to become a product tester, you will be sent the product for a set period of time (most of the time they will let you keep it!) and will be asked to provide a review. You’re paid once you’ve submitted your feedback.

If you decide you want to become a product tester, see below for a list of free product testing panels you can sign up to. Most of them are survey panels which means they’ll provide you with a mixture of products to test and paid surveys to take. We’d recommend that you sign up as soon as possible before they stop accepting new members!

– BuzzBack Panel – Beauty products. You’ll be paid by PayPal or gift cards

– BzzAgent – A huge amount of free products and you’re paid in MyPoints rewards

– Global Test Market – They will send you household goods to test out. The pay is good and you’re paid in cash

– i-Poll – They will send you shampoos and conditioners and you’ll be paid by PayPal or gift cards

– i-Say – Mostly household products. They will pay you in cash, PayPal or gift cards

PSG – Great products to test if you’re a mother with young kids. You’ll be paid in cash

L’Oreal Product Testing Panel – Obviously a great company with lots of good products but it can be difficult to qualify to be a Tester. You’ll be paid in free merchandise

– MySurvey – An array of products available for testing, including food and makeup. Some members have even been included in high paying focus groups which let you test mobile phones. They pay well by either cash, PayPal or Amazon gift cards

-Nielson Home Scan Consumer Panel –They send you a handheld scanner which allows you to scan all your household purchases at home. You’re paid in free merchandise

– Opinion Outpost – Lots of great products to test and you’re paid in cash which you can take out instantly whenever you want
– Pinecone Research – The panel is “invite only” so it’s pretty hard to get involved but if you are accepted, you can expect to receive about 3 products per month to test. They pay either by cash, PayPal or gift cards
– Smiley360 – A great roster of companies and products. They will pay you in free merchandise

– SurveySavvy – Beauty products. They pay well and pay in cash

– SurveySpot Panel – Perfect if you’re interested in testing home appliance products. They’ll pay you either by PayPal or gift cards

– Toluna – Lots of expensive products available to test in their focus groups. They also pay well in either cash or gift cards- Valued Opinions –Mostly beauty products – great for makeup junkies. They pay using gift cards