Best Espresso Maker Reviews – Get the Best Morning Coffee

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

We talk about a professional or best espresso machine that is totally suitable for home use. It’s not massive or difficult to operate with, but it’s not inexpensive, that is for sure. Although it is not massive, it isn’t the smallest espresso machine you can get. It is heavy and people who actually are willing to get this machine for their homes should think really well about it. One thing that makes this machine excellent is its similarity to the professional machines that are used in coffee shops.

Besides it makes espresso, it has a tank to hold beans to grind on the spot. The grind coffee goes into the filter and you wouldn’t have to tamp it down. Breville has designed a machine that has a control for everything that makes the espresso perfect, just like it was made from a professional barista. It has a setting for the ground size of the beans and you are free to can pick the size of the filter you want to use. The great part is that you have control over how many beans are grind for each shot. The wonderful thing about this machine is that even though it is big and similar to a professional one, you don’t have to have any knowledge to figure out how make an awesome espresso by yourself. Price – $529.


SAECO HD8857/47 Philips Exprellia EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Here we have is a fully automatic coffee machine. That means that if you get this one, you literally won’t worry about anything, but to place a cup and wait for your espresso to brew. This one is somewhat compact, has a milk carafe that is an amazing accessory if you want to prepare forthy milk for other coffees than your espresso. In general, you will not put a lot of effort in the espresso preparation with the SAECO. Some users claim that you need a previous experience in frothing milk, but you can practice and learn how to make it after several tries.

One thing that makes this machine closest to perfection is the fact that it can remember the way you want your drinks made. In today’s modern world when people don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing anything in the kitchen, this is a real blessing. All you have to do is press a button in the morning and get your espresso made exactly the way you want it. Also, it is a self cleaning machine (can we have a hallelujah), and if that didn’t already win your heart, maybe you should take a look to the sleek modern box-like design. Get it for $2000.


Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

Тhe adorable design and small dimensions put this machine on this list, but these are not the only good things about it. It doesn’t use regular espresso grounds like most machines do and requires pressure and temperature function. It actually uses pods which makes this espresso machine to be a space saver. Don’t let its size confuse you; Nespresso Inissia has 19 bars of pressure to get the pod to the right temperature in order to make the best espresso. Comes with a 24 ounce container for water, and it will provide you with a lot of 2 ounce shots of espressos.

One thing that is a little con here is the loudness of the machine, but it’s solely because of its speed and pressure. It will not wake up the neighbors, but it might be too loud when you first turn it on.  Most people don’t expect such noise from such a small machine. The Nespresso Inissia, unlikely a lot of espresso machines, has a great design which allows you to fit your mug underneath the spout. This is a small machine but it has a removable tray so you can place a bigger cup for your lattes and cappuccinos. Nespresso isn’t the cheapest, but also it’s not the most expensive machine either. You can get it for $112.


La Marozzo Linea Mini

This is a solid machine, not really small but very close to a professional coffee shop machine and takes about 25 minutes to get the right temperature. On the front plate you will notice two lights – red and blue. The blue is the water levels in the reservoir tank need replenishing and the red tells you the heater us on at the correct temperature. There are two further knobs for the steam want and spout features.

The Mini comes with an automated EE brew paddle, making the  brewing very simple. The brewing is pre-programmed in a mode 1 second pre-infusion. The temperature is easily controlled by a rotating button placed just on the side of the machine. The built-in PID algorithms are placed on the motherboard. This is a high-end model, quite expensive but it will overcome your expectations. Lots of smaller coffee-shops or offices have this model. The price is $4495.


Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

This is a durable machine constructed of quality materials, especially the exterior that is very appealing. The machine comes with an easily removable heating element which allows cleaning and repairs, if necessary. We talk about a high-performance machine that will brew barista-style espresso for you. This is a single-boiler espresso maker and contains the biggest volume capacity of any home espresso machine single-boiler ever made. Its chrome-plated boiler has 12 ounces of capacity.

The boiler reservoir holds two-quarts which is more than enough for most espresso preparations at home, and is also refillable during the operation. Besides that, the machine comes with an articulating stainless steel steam wand that can be easily operated, so no wonder why many people picked this machine for their kitchens. The packing contains a plastic tamper and two filter baskets. The chrome-plated steamer wand is ideal for milk steaming or water boiling. You are fully equipped to make other coffees besides your espresso

Rancillo created a machine with 15 BAR water pump that gives you heavy forcefulness (by know you already know that without the heavy water pump the espresso will have terrible taste and absolutely no strength). The pressure is enough to get the most flavor extraction out your coffee. The warming surface on the top of the machine was specially designed to help you pre-heat the cups. Price $685.


La Pavoni EPC-8 –

This is a machine with a cool design but is is not recommendable for impatient people who think that their first try to brew will be the best. It doesn’t mean that you’ll make poor espressos, but you will definitely need some practice. The machine has a water level site gauge placed on the side of the machine. La Pavoni is capable of making eight, 2 ounces cups, which should be more than enough for a regular family. This machine has large capacity boiler that holds up to 20 ounce of water, which was made of brass and is chrome plated on the outside. Only six minutes are necessary for the boiler to heats. It’s great because you don’t have to wait between brewing and steaming. The boiler temperature is controlled with a pressure controller.

La Pavoni EPC-8 is a machine with 7 bar and 1 bar of pressure. The only switch you need to turn on or off is the power switcher and that’s it – one button only.  Under the power switch you will notice green light that  indicates the temperature (it’s ready when the light is on). On the left of the machine you can see the sight glass which helps you see the water level of the boiler. Also, there is a thermal fuse that turns off the boiler if it overheats (usually turns the boiler off at 225F). La Pavoni was designed with a pressure relief valve that is located on the right side of the boiler.  Open it and relieve the excessive pressure in the boiler.Cleaning of the machine is recommendable with a soft cloth, while the boiler should be de-calcified twice a year with “Cleancaf” by Urnex. The manufacturer recommends that the gaskets need to be replaced every three to five years. The price of this machine is $844.


DeLonghi Nespresso Lattisima Touch

The machine is quite lightweight with only 4.5 pounds, and the measurements are 6.8 by 12.6 by 10.2 inches. Designed to looks like a box, it will easily find its place in the corner of your kitchen. Don’t let its look make you think that this is a low-end machine. Maybe there isn’t  an instructional screen but the machine has a power button and six coffee cup icons on the top.  Three of the icons are for coffee options and the rest three are for milk. Once you turn on the machine, the cups light up, but once the icons are no longer illuminated, that’s when the machine is ready for brewing. The time is really short; the machine is ready within seconds.

Lattisima comes with two removable liquid containers: one for milk and the other for water. The milk container has an adjustable arm for easy positioning over different cups. Another great thing about the machine is its water tank lid that is nestled on the back. It is a handle and a cover at the same time. Since this is a capsule-only machine, you may wonder where they are placed. You will find them behind the cup-placement area; that slide-out drawer is the place where the capsules go. It can hold up to nine used capsules. Just lift the capsule lever, place a capsule in it, put a cup under the spout, press the button with your preferred coffee and wait for it to be done in a minute. Just press and hold the coffee type until it blinks, that’s how you know it is programmed. For the desired coffee amount, keep pressing the button until it is set.
Price of the product – $400


Jura Impressa J6

This cool espresso coffee maker has the steaming wand, and you can select from cappuccino or latte foam depending on how you feel. With a rotary dial and great LED display featuring 6 one touch settings that are easily accessed. See them placed right there so you can see them. The bean sensor will remind you to refill it (up to 9 ounces). The dual coffee spout moves up and down accommodate different cup size requirements. The cup illumination puts the spotlight on every brewed coffee.

J6 was made with dual frother that comes with two settings that lets you froth or steam in any pitcher. Here you can dispense hot water for tea or other beverages. Thanks to automatic frothXpress siphons,  cold milk can be transformed into hot frothed or steamed milk directly to your cup. Another of the pros that this machine has is the water level sensor that will always make sure there is water available in the water tank which is removable (contains up to 71 oz).  You can override any settings for coffee and steam with the rotary dial. J6 has a ceramic valve technology that shortens the flow of coffee, providing you with more crema. With the triple temperature setting for hot water now you can brew even more delicious Cafe Americano, but also you can pre-warm the cups much faster.

Price $1780.


KitchenAid Pro Line Super Automatic Espresso Maker

An excellent machine that features two independent boilers, giving you the possibility of switching from brewing to frothing immediately. The machine also has a hot water dispenser separate, that helps you make a great cup of coffee, and a host of your favorite hot drinks.

The frothing handle swivels both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to move it easily. The KitchenAid comes with a frothing pitcher, which is a great feature for artistic users of this machine. You can decorate your coffee shots and impress your guests.  The cup warmer and rail hold up 4-6 espresso cups. The boilers heat quickly; six minutes are enough for them to reach temperature. This is a stylish machine after all, designed to fit in any kitchen and draw attention as a decor also. It’s ideal for everyday use, but can also provide you with enough cups if you are having a small coffee/tea party.

Price of the KitchenAid – $737.